Contrac Tracing

Use Bluetooth to create contact histories in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection through targeted testing on staff and patients

Staff and patients wear Bluetooth transmitters (with a unique ID but without a clear name) in order to be able to create an automatic contact history for specific tests of corona suspects.
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Efficient Contact Tracing

Studies show the high risk for employees in hospitals and nursing homes to fall ill with the corona virus themselves. In addition, nosocomial infections from hospitals increase local outbreaks (ecdc).

Contact tracing is recommended in studies and guidelines (RKI, CDC) as a central measure to contain an outbreak of infection. Nevertheless, operators of clinics and nursing homes are faced with the question: How can contact tracing be implemented effectively and efficiently?  

With simplinic.Contact, operators of nursing homes or hospitals, can issue Bluetooth transmitters to  employees as well as residents and patients, for the time of the stay in the health facility. Only the hospital or nursing home keeps a local list with the identification number of the button-sized transmitter and the names of those who carry the transmitter, i.e. employees or patients.

The simplinic software only stores the identification number (ID) of the trasmitter but no clear names of patients or employees. simplinic recommends that this process is planned and carried out together with the workers council and the data protection officer to ensure the trust of employees and the compliance with data protection.

If symptoms occur or a positive test result is obtained, a contact history can be created with one click: Most frequent contacts in the selected period, longest contacts in the period and locations with the most frequent contacts are displayed. This hit list thus offers efficient contact tracing for effective testing of persons at risk for SARS-CoV-2, enabling operators of health care facilities to quickly contain new sources of infection through targeted testing and isolation.  

Go Live in just a few days!

The simplinic.Contact solution is available to hospitals free of charge but requires our Bluetooth Low Energy infrastructure in the hospital.


  • simplinic.NET (Bluetooth Low Energy infrastructure) and simplinic.Tracking

Implementation timeline

  • As soon as simplinic.NET is installed in the hospital, the hand-out of Bluetooth transmitters can be started
  • Depending on the size of the hospital, we only need a few working days for a fully equipped hospital (for a 500-bed house, about 5-8 project days, which are not charged extra)

Scope of services

  • Turnkey handover of the solution
  • On-site user training
  • Digital Academy for later training of new users
  • Regional contact person, who is regularly available for jour fixes on site
  • Service telephone for users (weekdays from 8:00am to 6:00pm)
  • Free, regular software updates
  • No local maintenance effort (neither IT nor MedTech) for the software


  • simplinic does not charge additional fees for the integration of simplinic.Contact
  • Please contact us, we will send you an individual offer for simplinic.NET and simplinic.Tracking at short notice
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